Etna Mareneve Escursioni

Etna Mareneve Escursioni was born from the enormous passion we have for our land, and from our long-standing experience thanks to many years of collaboration with other businesses in the tourism sector.
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“Provide evocative moments in the heart of nature and render these moments unforgettable”: this is our mission.
We offer professionalism and experience to those looking to explore nature with the highest respect, in a vision of eco-tourism; responsible and sustainable.
A source of much pride and important legacy for us Sicilians, Mount Etna was included in the 2011 candidates for Unesco world heritage status.
Etna, “Mongibello” or “A Muntagna” is actually the highest (3,350m above sea level), widest (1,600km) and most active volcano in Europe and all the Mediterranean. Even today it is among the most active craters in the world, and this is proved by the frequent eruptions we witness regularly, which have created many other small craters and lava flows, incessantly changing the landscape over the course of time.
The tours are given on behalf of MAGMA TRAVEL.