The Ox Valley is a depression on the eastern side of the volcanic Mount Etna and belongs to the territory of Zafferana Etnea country (CT), into the Etna Park. It’s a wonderful geological place and is a caldera borns about 8000 thousand years ago during the collapse of the ancient eruptive centers of Ox Valley. The caldera has a depth varying from 300 meters to one kilometer and five kilometers wide. Volcanic activity into the Ox Valley have not an ancient history because many recent eruptions have deposited different lava flows and some vents have opened into the caldera leaving as a testimony to the cones as for example, “Mount Simone” (1811-12) and the “Centenary Mountains” (1852-53), so called for recurrence, at the time of eruption, of a centenary from the martyrdom of Sant’Agatha, holy protector of Catania.