The Sartorius Craters, dedicated to the Baron of Waltershausen, originated during the eruption of 1865. The dedication to the scientist is not random but because Sartorius was fortunate to be on the spot during this eruption and described each moments , as he used to do, in a manuscript. It’s a great botanical interest place for the presence of a beautiful “Betula aetnensis” wood, an endemic birch eternal wreck of the last glaciation. The scoria cones are located along a fracture and are colled “buttoniera” because seems the bottons of a shirt. The path seems a botanical garden with the presence of the Sicilian Straggler, the Romice of Etna, graminaceae like Festuca and the Poa or odorous Tanaceto cespi. At the base of the first mountain there are volcanic bombs of metric dimensions giving the name to the plateau, known as “Chianu de Bummi” (Plan of the Bombs in sicilian language). Along the trail you can admire Mount Frumento delle Concazze (2151 m.s.l.m.), the largest eccentric cone of Etna and dating during prehistoric times.