There are several lava flow caves (Frost Cave, Snow Cave, Corruccio Cave, Serracozzo Cave, three livels Cave, Palombe Cave, Doves Cave etc.) on the Etna. The surface of the lava channel cools faster by contact with the air and forms a solid crust that does not prevent the lava flowing inside it. At the end of activity, the residual fluid continues its path, leaving empty the lava tube that has been created. Some lava flow caves in the past were used by snowmen for snow conservation. This use was necessary to keep the ice and snow market that saw the Etna protagonist alive. For example, the Snow Cave is depicted by French painter Jean Houel during the ice blocks storage that were transported untill Malta for the production of granites. The use of these snowcaves will be less with the advent of refrigerators and ice-maker machines. With the end of this practice, the figure of the “nivaroli”, the snow-collecting people, and the border-bearers carrying the ice-filled bags on the sludge of the mules carrying the product down to the valley where they were embarked or used for refrigeration and for the preparation of ice creams, granites and sorbets disappeared.