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About us

Alessandro and Angelo


Etna Mareneve Escursioni was born from the enormous passion we have for our land, and from our long-standing experience thanks to many years of collaboration with other businesses in the tourism sector.
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“Provide evocative moments in the heart of nature and render these moments unforgettable”: this is our mission.
We offer professionalism and experience to those looking to explore nature with the highest respect, in a vision of eco-tourism; responsible and sustainable.
A source of much pride and important legacy for us Sicilians, Mount Etna was included in the 2011 candidates for Unesco world heritage status.
Etna, “Mongibello” or “A Muntagna” is actually the highest (3,350m above sea level), widest (1,600km) and most active volcano in Europe and all the Mediterranean. Even today it is among the most active craters in the world, and this is proved by the frequent eruptions we witness regularly, which have created many other small craters and lava flows, incessantly changing the landscape over the course of time.
The tours are given on behalf of MAGMA TRAVEL.

Travelling between the dunes

The desert is not told but lives because the desert seems eternal to the one who lives and offers this eternity to the man who will love him.

Everyone wants to organize a trip on their own, but often we don’t have time: we staff Etna Mareneve Escursioni we organize the trip as you would.
Tunisia is a place that we know very well, we have carefully thought of this itinerary, taking advantage of all our experience and knowledge of the place, including in addition to the most famous locations, original places outside the mass tourism too, relying on local reliable guides. We start from the assumption that a far away country must necessarily be visited with the locals and in support of the small local economies and our eco-tourism vision, responsible and sustainable. Through this trip we will immerse ourselves in the typical landscape of southern Tunisia between the Berber communities and the Sahara desert. We will try to let you know Tunisia in the most authentic and responsible way possible.



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Itinerary North/East

Try the off-road excursion on the highest volcano in Europe. Have a stroll through the ancient solidified lava flows covered by the birch forests, let us accompany you on our 4×4 vehicles up to the craters and the volcanic vents, visit the site of the 2002 eruptions on the Piano Provenzana. We will safely guide you inside the lavic flow caves and you will reach the gorgeous Valle del Bove from which you will have the chance to admire the upper area of the mount Etna and its smoky craters.

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Alcantara gorges

Discover the famous Alcantara Gorges, the natural canyon with its tall basaltic cliffs protected by the Alcantara Park Institution. The tour on our off-road vehicles will proceed on the mount Etna where ancient craters, volcanic vents and breathtaking landscapes are waiting for you.

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South/East side

You will experience fun and excitement in our off-road vehicles. Have a stroll on the Crateri Silvestri area, which is without a doubt the most famous site of the mount Etna. Come off-road with us and have fun on alternative paths which will lead you to the Piano del Vescovo and the Valle del Bove, the enormous and silent caldera in which is kept the fury of the Mongibello.
We will guide you through landscapes of uncomparable beauty, centenary woods and lavic surfaces.

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Off Road

With our off-road vehicles, we offer you travel across a vast and extremely diverse territory…


A pleasant excursion riding quad bike.
It will pass through forests, lava flows, all in the utmost respect for nature…

Trekking and Adventure

Excursions designed for lovers of trekking and hiking in general, aimed at discovering of an incredibile volcano, wild, arid, but filled with mountain landscapes…

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